Our    current    Master    decided    to    support    Prostate    Cancer    UK during his term in office. Here   alongside   a   fellow   Brother   and   a   visitor   to   the   Lodge,   he counts   the   money   raised   from   the   sale   of   Pin   Badges.      Raising   a further £70 and bringing the total so far to £465.
Charity   is   undoubtedly   one   of   the   most   important   aspects   of   Freemasonry.      Since   the   early 18 th    century,   we   have   been   providing   help   and   support   to   those   less   fortunate.      An   article published   in   Freemasonry   Today ,   charts   the   history   of   Masonic   Charities   and   shows   just   how many millions of pounds, have been donated to good causes. Money    given    to    good    causes    can    come    from    various    sources.        It    can    be    directly    from    an Individual   Lodge,   through   funds   from   a   Provincial   Grand   Lodge,   or   from   The   United   Grand Lodge   of   England   via   the   Masonic   Charitable   Foundation  .      On   their   website   you   can   see   for yourself just how many good causes Freemasonry supports. Here   at   Thoresby   Lodge   we   have   directly   supported   many   local   good   causes,   including   Martin House  ,   The Leeds Children’s Hospital   and   Pudsey In Bloom  . We   will   shortly   be   hosting   an   awareness   evening   where   guest   speakers   who   have   experience of   the   illness,   will   be   talking   about   their   personal   experiences.      We   would   welcome   anyone   to join   us   at   this   event.      The   talk   will   start   at   6.30pm   on   15 th    May   2018,   with   a   meal   afterwards.     For   more   information   or   to   book   a   meal,   please   contact   our   Lodge   Secretary   via   the   contact page. The Choices Initiative If   you   are   in   need   of   financial   help,   please   take   a   moment   to   look   at   the   Choices   Initiative website  .      Choices   is   part   of   West   Riding   Masonic   Charities   Ltd   and   designed   to   replace,   expand and   enhance   the   emergency   grant   scheme   currently   available   to   Brethren   throughout   the Masonic Province of Yorkshire, West Riding. The   helpline   is   totally   confidential   and   is   for   Brethren   or   their   dependants   in   times   of   need.     Help is only a phone call away:   03449 02 02 20  .
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